How about creating a web app without coding?

Create from scratch or using templates
Create visual effects
Add functionality without coding (like sending email)
Have a full control on the design


We built many web applications and learned that 60-100% of code in any app could be generated automatically. So, we made a tool to let you create an application without coding.

How it works

Using our visual tools you create the user interface, database schema, define data flows and sources. The code engines behind the scene generate layout, code, set up all necessary settings. But you still can change everything including every line of code (if you want).

Start now

Create your first application without coding (no credit card required)


Build all application parts visually

Create web pages design with just a mouse. Set up controls's properties, create stylesheets and attach them to your pages. Define the app's logic, deploy - all visually.

Define your app's logic with a visual workflow

Using the visual workflow you can determine the sequence of actions that your app will do: changing control's properties, sending emails, listening to buttons clicked. You can define synchronous (implementing right away) and asynchronous (implementing after the response came) actions.

Build and deploy your application with just a click

You can download full generated application, or deploy it right from the dashboard. Deployment takes several minutes, the app generator rolls out the code, sets up the environment, and build frontend code. Currently, we use Heroku for hosting.

We generate a good code that is truly yours

It's also not a secret that many code generators produce poor code just because their creators don't allow people to own and edit it later. When generating code we use all the best principles: DRY, KISS, separation of concerns, components approach, and others.
And yes - you can possess your own code - via download or your private Git repository.
You also can buy a self-hosted solution to have not only your code but the whole service.

Templates for everything

Our paradigm is "don't create anything twice" - we create a ton of templates for you. They are templates for controls, web components, backend features, database schemas - so you don't need to create many things from scratch!


Web page designer

  • Create the user interface with just a mouse
  • Fully customizable controls
  • Templates / ready-to-use controls and components for fast UI development
  • Fully responsive design
  • Bootstrap 4 compatible

Stylesheet designer

  • Instead of refining every control's properties just create a custom stylesheet and attach it to your page
  • Design and test in the same interface
  • Test all states: normal, mouseover, active, focus

Database schema designer

  • Create a new schema from scratch or import from templates
  • Create your tables visually
  • Set up fields and their types
  • Add connections and define relationships
  • Requires only basic knowledge of databases

Logic workflow diagram

  • Create transitions visually
  • Define user event (e.g. button click)
  • Define synch and asynch actions
  • Change any control's any property
  • Set up conditional paths
  • Organize A/B testing

Data/query editor/view

  • Create all queries, data sets and views visually
  • Create variables and datasets of any type, memory- or database-stored
  • Auto-generated forms for easy data editing
  • Connect any detail of UI interface with variable or data.

Web hosting/deployment manager

  • Host your app at a custom domain (currently, on Heroku)
  • Control your source code and the whole development circle
  • Review and control your resources (apps, assets, data) and their using

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