SaaS Ideas weekly email series - 4 months (16 ideas)

If you are interested in SaaS and would like to create your own SaaS web app but don't know how to come up to a SaaS idea, subscribe to this series and get a fresh SaaS idea once a week. Even if ideas may not fit your vision, it may inspire you and eventually help to find another SaaS idea.

What's inside?

Every email contains the following information about some SaaS webapp idea:

  • Name
  • A problem that SaaS app can solve
  • Existing solutions
  • SaaS idea description
  • Potential users
  • Actions that users can do online (or actions that SaaS can automate)
  • Existing competitors or similar services and how to differentiate from them
  • List of possible features
  • Some technical stuff (libraries/frameworks/technologies that can be used)
  • Components involved in development (such as maps, full-text¬†search, AI, ML etc.)
  • Possible ways to monetize
  • Possible challenges and obstacles


We reserve the right to omit some of the points listed above as well as add something not listed.

Which subjects area is it about?

SaaS web apps can be created for almost any subject area. But some of them are more promising than others. Let's list several areas that you definitely should look at:

  • Data obtaining, extracting, processing, storing
  • media (images, video, sounds) processing
  • health / fitness / sport
  • science
  • automation tools
  • predictive analysis
  • online services
  • and many, many others...

In our series we will try to touch all these and many other subject areas.

What about a weekly tips?

Every email also contains a Tip of the Week - some tip or lifehack related to development and marketing SaaS webapps.

For your information

You will get 16 emails sent on every Friday. The list of keywords of each idea is below:

  1. Data, documents
  2. freelancing, management
  3. photo, editor
  4. website, demo
  5. pets
  6. fitness
  7. online shopping
  8. tour guides
  9. roadmaps
  10. job search
  11. freelancing
  12. data
  13. photos
  14. backyard
  15. events
  16. students

What subscribers say

Thanks for your newsletter, it's really helping to look at things from different perspectives, and maybe finally to find a nice idea for my next product :)

Igor, software developer

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